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Discover Casa Kind, your sanctuary for mindful self-care

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Dedicate daily moments to nurture your happiest, most whole self

We understand that what everyone has different needs. We provide tools for building your individual practice of lifelong mindfulness.

Tap into crafted spaces for thought


Carve out an intentional space for your thoughts and what’s on your mind. Discover your deepest self with tailored prompts that inspire reflection.

Discover through dialogue

Heart Talk

Engage, express, and explore your feelings with our approachable chat experience designed to help you build emotional awareness.

Uncover the power of stillness


Experience the transformative power of meditation for clarity and rejuvenation. Build a steady mindfulness practice that brings alignment to your everyday.

Get to know your self

Through connecting your mind and heart

Engage in deeper, mindful observation of your thoughts to understand your current state. Recognizing these thought patterns is the first step to creating alignment in your life.


What hurts right now?


What does a full life mean to me?


What’s one thing that I feel scared to do, even though I know it’s important?

Casa Kind

Where we care for your heart through conscious compassion

As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar simply puts, "The state of your life depends on the state of your mind. So be kind to yourself." When we nurture a practice of kindness through mindful observation and conscious choices, we possess the freedom to build a life that feels full and vibrant.

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